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2014 Points Standings

2013 Points Standings

Just wanted to give a quick update on the club and what’s been happening this shooting season so far. 

On May 3 at our new shooters clinic, 17 riders and 2 auditors took part. Out of the winners that were picked at the horse expo only one showed up. 

We had a practice on May 18 and June 1 a few showed up and they were good. Got to work with the new members and we all had lots of fun.  

Custers has four new members this year, we want to welcome Coby, Cody, Karen, Doug and his daughter “ Licorice”. And a note to the other members… these people are doing very well. So the shoots should be pretty good this summer. 

Speaking of shoots the first one we had on May 3 the day of the clinic and  May 4 ended up being practices as not enough people showed up to give us a qualified shoot.   

June 27-29 was our next shoot, Brad and Jen came up from Ohio but unfortunately both Friday and Saturday’s shoots turned into practices, as once again not enough to make a qualified shoot. Saturday we were only one short from it counting as a shoot. But finally on Sunday, we had a shoot. Jolyn won overall and Jen was reserve.  

Everyone had a great time the weather was perfect and tons of food Saturday night. Had the grill and campfire going to cook all the meat that was brought. Everyone brought a dish or two to pass, had everything from chicken, hamburgers, brats, to pasta, potato salad, to strawberry short cake. If you didn’t make, you missed a very good time. 

And, oh yes. Before I forget, I am taking donations to buy more dirt for the arena. After we were done shooting, Saturday Wyatt, Roman, Bailey and Cody played n the arena and water balloons were brought out and the sand turned to mud.  Wyatt and Roman (soon to be known as “Roman Noodles”) played the most and ended up getting baths in the horse trough before they were allowed in bed. It was fun watching the kids play and have a good time. This is what shooting is all about, having fun, enjoying friends and everyone having a good time.  A perfect day! 

Don’t forget about our next shoots coming up July 25-27 in Montpelier, Oh for the tractor show. We always have a good turn out at this shoot and should once again be a good time. Please members try and plan on getting there Friday at least 2 hours early if not earlier as there is much to be done and get set up. We are going need help to get everything ready for the shoot so we all have time to get our horses ready too. We will need someone to do the following jobs for the weekend. 

Everyone will need to help with set up and tear down packing up

Balloon setter coordinator

Stage set up

Range Masters

Ammo table

Entries and office  Jolyn ( I will need help with this)

Match director Clayton

It would be nice if the members will let us know ahead of time what they will take charge of for the weekend. 

Also please keep Jeff and Robin Fleck in your thoughts and prayers as his father in law has recently had surgery and is having a rough go. Also Jim Hall had surgery on a torn tendon in his heel.  He will be out for about 4 months.


Custers Cowboys February 14-16 2014.

We were lucky enough to get a booth for the Spartan Stampede Rodeo.
Thank you to everyone that stop by and said "Hi". We will be looking forward to see you at our Clinic on May 3, 2014.
On Saturday night working the booth left to right is
Tim Barber, Kristi Barber, Jeff Umstead and Bill Cowles. Other members that work the booth were: Jeff and Robin Fleck, Clayton and Joyln Case and me.
If you miss us at the Rodeo, Custers Cowboys will be at the Michigan Horse Expo March 7-9, 2014. Come by and say HI!

Custer's Cowboys went to the Michigan Horse Expo in Lansing March 2nd, 3th and 4th. We had a great time talking to future shooters. Did you have a chance to say Hello to Kim, Jim, Bill, Mike, Norene, Jolyn or Clayton? It was so much fun working the booth, and meeting future shooters.  We did give away 3 tickets to our Shooting Clinic on May 4, 2013 at Elise MI. The lucky winners are Sharon McClare, Jenny Kurz and Christie Holliday. They get to attend the clinic for Free!! All other future shooters will have fill out the flyer with a check, if you need a flyer you can go to the schedule and there will be there in a link. I am sorry not every one can win. We hope that you will come May 4, 2013 and have some fun with us. All you need to bring is you and your horse. Just a reminder that if you paid before April 14, 2013 it will be $30.00 after April 14, 2013 it will be $40.00 dollars.
Here is a picture of Jolyn who place 10th overall at the AQHA CMSA World Championship in Houston TX March 1 - 2 2013

News Jan 19, 2013
We had our Awards Banquet on December 7, 2012
The awards went as followed:

  • Sportsmanship: Jeff Fleck, received a trophy gear bag

  • Most Improved: Norene Newton, received a trophy gear bag

  • Horse of the Year: Irish ridden by Michael Smiler Irish received a trophy halter

The top Ten riders were:

  • Overall Top Rider is Joyln Case. She won a trophy saddle pad

  • Reversal Overall Rider is Jim Hall. He won a trophy Breast Collar

  • The 3rd place to the 10th place won trophy Hay Bags

  • 3rd place Michael Smiler

  • 4th place Doug Kopis

  • 5th place Clayton Case

  • 6th place Norene Newton

  • 7th place Michelle Snyder

  • 8th place Linda Lajavic

  • 9th place Kim Barduca

  • 10th place Jim Hunt

We have two new officers. Thank you for stepping up to the position

  • Vice President: Kim Barduca

  • Director: Michael Smiler

These members are going to stay on the board for another year! Yea!

  • President: Jeff Fleck

  • Treasurer: Clayton Case

  • Secretary: Jolyn Case

  • Director: Jim Hunt

  • Director: Jim Hall

Plus we had several new members that came to the Banquet. Welcome to the Club.

Next up for the club is to work at the Michigan Horse Expo On March 8th, 9th and 10th it is in East Lansing. If you need any information about the Horse Expo check out their website at It is Michigan Horse Expo 30th Anniversary. We will have a booth. Come and say Howdy and bring your Questions. We will be happy to help you any way we can.
We will be getting a schedule out, to sign up for a day and time to work the expo                                                                         
We will be having another meeting soon to set the dates for the clinic and shows

 Custers Cowboys had their first demo of the year, and I do believe everyone had a great time.

          We were the last scheduled event for Saturday night at the Michigan Horse Expo and I do believe we put on a good show. There were just as many people in the seats at the end of the demo as there was in the beginning.

We had a little bad luck with our compressor so we ended up stopping early, but all in all it was a good time had by all. We had some new members there plus some past members helping run balloons and change stages for us and I would like to thank them all for chipping in and helping us out.

Would like to say thanks to the announcer that was there, he did a really good job keeping the show going with info while we were waiting for new balloons. Of course he did harass the few (like me) who happened to miss. But thank you Joe Colter for the great job you do.

After the show our table was busy with questions for over half an hour about our new shooters clinic coming up in April. We look forward to meeting new people and helping them to get into the sport of mounted shooting.

Our next event is the new shooter clinic in April; you can look and find our schedule elsewhere on this site. All but one of our events is in Michigan; the one that is not is just across the Ohio boarder in Montpelier for their Bean Days that they invite us to each year.      

The new shooting year has finally got going for Custers Cowboys. We have had a few meetings and ready to start doing things with the club.
A recap from the past year, we held our winter shoots in Swanton Ohio. The weather co-operated with us on each weekend that we held shoots so none were cancelled. We had a good turnout at each shoot with a lot of fun.  At our new shooters clinic we had 11 people participate and gained a couple new members and want to take the time to welcome them.
We also held one shoot in Elsie and had a few friends from Indiana show up and had a good weekend of shooting, food, and campfire with many people from the area stopping by to watch us shoot and just hang out and make new friends. Some of the girls went shopping at a local western store and from all the stories they told when they got back it sounds like they had quite the time.
            The following people have volunteered, and have now taken over positions.
Jeff Fleck…..President
Jim Hall…….Vice President
Jolyn Case…..Secretary
Clayton Case...Treasure
Jim Hunt…….Board
The first thing on our agenda for this year is the Stallion Expo, at MSU March 9 thru11. We will have a table there to pass out info to people along with past Rundowns. On Saturday night we will also be putting on a demo.
We are planning a new shooters clinic  ( and possibly a fun shoot following ) for April 28th, at the R Bar C arena in Elsie.
Next on our schedule is a shoot June 1-3 at the R Bar C,
 July 27-29 at Montpelier, Ohio for the Bean Days,
 The last is August 24-26 at the R Bar C.

Top Ten For 2011


Jolyn Case


Jim Hall


Brad Lumbrezer


Jim Duncan


Dan App


Brian Semer


Cate Flechsig


Stacie Duncan


Michael Smiler


Jen Kusmierz


Sportsman                     Christy Wilson

Rookie                           Brian Semer

Horse Of the Year         Dinero

Most Improved              Brian Semer


Awards for 2010

 Special awards to: Jim Hunt and Liz Flechsig for all there help in the office

 Rookie:  Mike Smilier received a belt buckle

 Sportsman:  Jolyn Case received a rifle but stock cover

 Most Improved: Stacie Duncan received a bridle rack

 Horse:  Boss received a trophy halter

 Top Ten

  • 10: Cheryl Wilson: 246 pts received a saddle blanket with trophy corner plates

  • 9: Connie App: 246 pts received a saddle blanket with trophy corner plates

  • 8: Cate Flechsig: 251 pts also Reserve overall cowgirl received a saddle blanket with trophy corner plates

  • 7: Jerry Wilson: 316 pts received a saddle blanket with trophy corner plates

  • 6: Dan App: 356 pts received a saddle blanket with trophy corner plates

  • 5: Clayton Case: 407 pts received a saddle blanket with trophy corner plates

  • 4: Jim Duncan: 423 pts received a saddle blanket with trophy corner plates

  • 3: Jim Hall: 436 pts also Reserve overall Cowboy received a saddle blanket with trophy corner plates

  • 2: Brad Lumbrezer: 522 pts Overall cowboy and Reserve overall received a contour pad and trophy buckle

  • 1: Jolyn Case: 591 pts Overall cowgirl and Overall Champion a contour pad and trophy buckle

May 2010 News

 Sorry Everyone! It’s been a while since the news was updated! There’s been a lot going on, if you’re reading this you’ve noticed our new look! To bring you up to speed, our Web designer notified us this spring that he no longer wanted to take care of our web site. So we limped along for a while till we found someone that “fit” us.   Mr. Frank Turben has taken over the “reins” of our web site! Frank has been awesome to work with! We’ve gotten some good comments on our site already!

 CMSA is working to implement the new entry/shoot programs to make things easier for everyone. (we should be able to enter any shoot online thru CMSA soon!) This will also make the Secretaries jobs easier once we get to a shoot!

 We have had 2 weekends of shooting sponsored by the club at W/B arena in Swanton OH. Both weekends turned out great with some impressive numbers, (both weekends boasted close to 50 entries!) making for some pretty stiff competition! Not to mention a few class move ups! Congratulations to Jolyn Case our first L5 in Michigan! Cate Flechsig got her L3 move up, Brad Lumbrezer is now an M4 and Dale Goebel is our newest M2. Way to go guys! We have a few other members who are really close too!

 The April 30- May 2 Shoot was also our Border War with Northern Ohio Outlaws,  (The Outlaws won last it last year) Teams were picked by both sides for this “matched” shoot out! When the dust settled after four stages of competition… We won it back!

 We would like to thank everyone who pitched in at our shoots to help make them a success! Our Match director’s really got their “feet wet” , gaining a lot of experience (mostly good!) I think Jeff Fleck our first volunteer for this thankless task did a great job! (Bet he slept really good Sunday night too!) It was really nice to see everyone working together, we had the whole arena cleaned up and loaded in record time!

 Our next shoot is scheduled for June 18-20 At the R/C In Elsie Mi. Friday night Jackpot, Sat and Sunday DP matches (see Schedule for more info). Hope to see you there!

February 2010

Hope everyone is surviving the winter so far! Were almost there spring is in site!

I want to thank all of our members (and future members) for all of the help on the Mattie Powell Benefit! It was a huge success. We raised over $5000 for a very special little girl! The shooting portion of the Benefit was top notch! Everyone watching seemed really impressed, a lot of them had never seen Mounted shooting before. Competition was impressive too! We had a few new shooters who rocked the house, Good job everyone! Should be an exciting season!

Winter practices a W/B arena have been going good, lots of new faces! Lots of new horses too! Our next one is February 21st at Noon; any questions call or e-mail me. Cost is $15 per horse, bring your own blanks, we have some available to purchase also. We have had up to 18 horses. It’s a fun way to “tune up” and get out of the house!

Clayton has been working on a schedule for the Stallion Expo at MSU March 12-14th if you haven’t signed up to help out in our booth please get a hold of him. We have most slots filled with at least one person, but it works better with 2 at the table.

Our first club shoot is at W/B arena In Swanton Ohio March 26-28 Friday night is scheduled to be a beginner’s clinic, so if you know anyone who wants to get started send them our way! It should be a great weekend, W/B arena is heated, with nice stalls (plenty of em too!) and nice camping area with electric hook up.

Our next shoot is slated for April 30th – May 3rd at W/B also. Hope to shoot with y’all soon!


Custer’s Cowboys 2009 Year End News
December 22, 2009

First of all, Happy Holidays!

Our year end meeting and awards dinner was held Nov. 2nd at the Lumbrezer’s. Our 2009 Overall Highpoint and Ladies Highpoint went to Jolyn Case, Reserve Highpoint and Men’s high point went to Brad Lumbrezer. Ladies reserve went to Connie App. Men’s reserve went to Jim Hall. The rest of the TOP 10 for 2009 were; Clayton Case, Dan App, Jerry Wilson, Jane Lumbrezer, Cheryl Wilson & Jim Duncan.

  • 2009 Rookie of the year was Jane Lumbrezer

  • Most improved rider went to Spencer Goebel

  • Horse of the year was Clayton’s horse “Butter”

  • And Sports person of the year was James Hunt.

  • Congratulations to all of our winners! Hope to see more new faces in 2010!

We’ve been working on quite a few projects for the New Year! First of all, Practices have been scheduled for W/B Arena in Swanton OH. (1640 county road B Swanton Ohio, 43558) Dates are as Follows:

  • January, 16th at 1:00

  • January 30th at 1:00

  • February 6th at 1:00 (Palace demo practice)

  • February 20th at 1:00

Cost is $15 per horse covers balloons & arena. Bring your own blanks! (Some will be available to purchase) Our first practice was awesome we had 16 horses, a lot of new faces! Everyone did well! If you get a chance, check out this awesome facility! We have a few shoots scheduled at W/B already! Remember it is HEATED!! You can check out their web site in our links page. These practices work really well to introduce new riders and new horses to our sport! Practices are open to ANYONE!

We have a few demos in the works for 2010.

The weekend of February 13th, Longhorn rodeo was asked us to put on a demo for their rodeo at the Palace of Auburn Hills! Details are still pending, we’ll keep ya posted. Also we might do one in Freemont MI August 8th and Hicksville Oh. Sometime this summer, so keep these in mind!

2010 memberships need to be sent to Jim Duncan, ASAP! If you want to stay current on the goin’s on. His address is on the bottom of the membership form.

Remember we can always use sponsors & awards donations. We did some really cool Thankyous for our Sponsors this year. And are working on an incentive system for club members to go out and ask for support!
We are also setting up times for members to work the booth at the Stallion Expo March 12th- 14th. If you have a preference when you work please contact Clayton. He will be setting up the work schedule.
We also have a group on Facebook that works real good for last minute updates!  So be sure to check it out!
I will be updating the news shortly after the first of the year! If you have anything you would like to add please send me a note!

Hope you all have a Blessed Holiday Season!

  Website by Frank